Covid Vaccination Status Recording 

Increasing Costs and Reducing Core Focus

In some Australian states, employers in select categories must not permit a worker who doesn't meet specified requirements to work outside their home. Select workers (including contractors, volunteers, and students on placement) may be required to show evidence of vaccination by a certain date to continue working outside their home.
Organisations around the country are also opting-in to mandate a vaccinated workforce. 


The Administration Burden

Employers responsible for complying with vaccination requirements must collect, record, and hold vaccination information for any worker going on-site. If your organisation has chosen to mandate vaccination, the data collection process can be customised to meet your needs.
A record should include:

Name of the worker or individual accessing the site
Vaccination appointment booking
Name of who sighted the evidence
Vaccination status
Date the evidence was sighted
Type of Evidence
Reducing Cost, Time, and Risk

We have built and automation platform that automates the process of requesting (and follow up), documenting, storing, and updating your employee's vaccination status. Reducing your risk by tracking and escalating non-compliance. Our robots will reduce the time and cost required to meet your obligations - and improved accuracy will reduce your risk.

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