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Free up your people to do what they do best

RPA gives you extra capacity for growth. While technology does the heavy lifting, you gain time to focus on strategy, build relationships, define your customers’ needs and think of ways to grow your business.

Save Time
Minimize Cost and Errors

Effective and reliable
protection for your

Fast and easy RPA

Visually intuitive, feature-rich and extensible Studio designer allows ease of automation of complex processes with fewer man-hours, so ROI and performance benefits arrive faster. It is packed with template activities and a powerful recorder that can follow your clicks and keyboard strokes and turn them into an automation sequence, helping you jumpstart your automation

Works with all

UiPath Robot works with all applications, whatever they may be, operating them just like a human user: clicking, typing and reading screen information through
OCR and computer vision. Legacy systems, web applications, Java applications, databases, and even custom applications or virtualized machines, can be automated with UiPath. It can handle browsers, emails, terminals, excel, word, PDFs, databases, and many others.

Attended and

Our Robot is capable of performing both attended and unattended automation. The Attended Robot delivers high productivity and low handling time in
service desk or help desk activities, being your human’s employee reliable co-worker. Some of these customer-facing tasks are licensing application processing, permit applications, incident reporting, diagnostics, discharge processing and more. Triggered when needed, this Robot works under full human control and supervision. The Unattended Robot performs efficiently in batch mode any number of back-office activities, such as payroll, benefits management, reconciliations, recruitment and new hire processes. It is deployed by UiPath Orchestrator, with remote access available.

Have your teams collaborate privately and securely on the RPA project

This feature allows a single organization to set up separate, secure working space for different departments or geographical units working with the
automation. Large government institutions or healthcare services providers that implement RPA in different departments, at different stages, automating completely different processes, can benefit from this feature. This means the automation project can be easily scaled with no extra operational costs or infrastructure investments.

Remain fully

With the Orchestrator managing your entire workforce, it has never been easier to ensure each decision taken is the right one. Orchestrator provides
logging, monitoring, and a full audit trail. Both the Robot’s and the user’s actions are captured and stored in log files archived by ElasticSearch analytics, and, with Kibana integration, you can easily create custom dashboards. Now your organization respects changing regulations and maintains a transparent relationship with with the government, other international public sector partners, taxpayers and the large public.


We know how important security is for Public Sector organizations, not to mention for preserving sensitive citizen data safe. That’s why Orchestrator
ensures data and access control and Robot login credentials are stored in CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a reliable and robust technology used by leading global companies. Our solution runs automation under locked screens and uses the TLS 1.2 protocol to provide privacy and data integrity.


Intelligent Automation is a long term investment in a more efficient, profitable future. We will help you build your own IA Centre of Excellence enabling you to develop internal skills and assets to achieve growth and scale at a pace that suits your business leaving you completely independent of external suppliers.
Nobody is better placed to deliver a swift flexible IA service than BDS, once your business realizes the benefits of RPA + AI you will have achieved your data-first mentality. 

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